Graham Killoughery




Some fact´s at first…




London 22/07/84




5 ft 9 in




Steak and Chips.




Rock and Modern Country.




„Shawshanke Redemption“ and „Spy Game“




There is so many! Singapore is the nicest place, but my best memories are in South Africa in Port Elisabeth.





Apart from dancing, my other talent would be football.




Being offered a pro contract for football.




About your family…




My parents still live in London. They never did dance.





One little brother Iain – he never danced. Two older sisters, Shona and Michelle.

Shona was in T2 from the start and was a lead dancer before she left the Show.




I left home at 16, so I am well used to it now, I have a web cam and can see all my family while I am away, so its okay!





They are very proud of course, they came to the Show 3 or 4 times on the UK tour!





Not anymore!



About your beginnings…





I was made to start at 11 years of age. My teacher was Aaron Crosbie.




11 years.




Loads! I won a few comps, never any big ones!




It was good because you got to meet up with friends you wouldn’t normaly see.




Show dancing – it´s more fun and there isn´t as much pressure.





There is more pressure at comps, because you´re totally on your own to perform.




No, I’ve been very lucky! Hopefully it will stay that way.




No Irish was enough!




Becoming a Show Dancer…







Because of my sister being in Troupe 2 before and because the option was there for me.




Yes, lots of times.





Reherals were tough, but it was fun at the same time.



My audition was straight to rehersals, so there was no waiting time at all.




At the start of Troupe 4. I was 19.





I was with Troupe 4 before Troupe 1! I just had a summer break but I always go to the gum to keep fit.




Yeah, I used to meet most people here at comps!





I think I was more excited to join Troupe 1, because I heard everyone was nice and good fun as well.





I arrived at the Show just it the start as the 2nd half, so I was able to chill out, Catch up with the people I already knew. We gabbed some mexican food after the show, and that was it! Just a quiet night really.




Siamsa! Had to learn a completely new spot so it  took a bit of thinking.




I had 3 weeks rehersals with Troupe 4. Dangerous Games took the longest to learn because the steps are the hardest.

The first show in Italy I done every number apart from 4 lads and couples.




Through the years with LotD / FoF…


Getting on the bus in the morning, sleeping until the next hotel. Check in and walk around town, see the sights.

Get ready to go the venue, line the show up, have something to eat, speak to family and friends or check emails and then its show time!




Sometimes its hard, but I would prefer to travel then stay at home all the time.




Maybe 3 or 4 times a week, or if we need to more!




On stage it was dancing Warlords for the first time.

Off stage it was the bungee jump, we done in South Africa.





They both good.




Warlords – it always gets the best cheers.





Sometimes play some football it helps loosening up my legs, other times just relax and listen to music.




No, not anymore.




Troupe 4 – T4 aren’t working at the moment!




Yes – I learnt the bad guy role but haven’t auditioned yet.



Not really, we work hard so any good will do.




Costumes & other equipment…



At first it was, but its okay now.




Not long, only 30 mins.




Tap shoes.






Every 6 months. Wear them in the bath.




nowadays & in the future…



I don’t know, well just see what happens, I am still having fun at the moment.





I´m not really sure, I am just having fun at the moment I enjoy having the freedon of travelling so until that changes, I don’t plan to do any different.