Helen Egan



Some fact´s at first…




25/08/79 in Dublin, Ireland.




4 foot 9 inches.




Cabbage and spuds. I love vegetables.




Disney Classics.




„How to loose a guy in 10 Days“ / „Sweet home Alabama“




New York.





Not a bad hip-hop dancer.




Performing in Madison Square Garden in New York.

Also performing in Stormont Castle in Northern Ireland.




About your family…




My Mam was a very popular Irish Dancer. She danced for many famous people when she was young.





I have 1 sister, 2 brothers. My sister Irish danced and Modern danced when she was young. My older brother loves football.




Yes, I miss them very much. I get home about every 2 months, depends how long a tour lasts.





They think it’s a fantastic job and are very proud of me. They don’t get to visit that often. But when they do, they love the Show.



About your beginnings…




I started Irish Dancing when I was four, I danced for about a year. Then I started disco dancing and stuck with that.




About 11.




I won dance Supreme.

I won Wild Cats Competitions.

I won Dublin Competition.




It was quite nerve-wracking.




Show dancing - I love performing on stage.




Show dancing is not just about dancing it’s about acting and confidence on stage.




No, thank God and fingers crossed I won’t.




I did a bit of Ballet, Jazz, Disco, Hip-Hop and Tap Dancing.




Becoming a Show Dancer…



It seemed to be a fantastic show with many fantastic people in it.





I was Modern dancing in Diggs Lane Dance Studio where Michael was rehearsing. Our Dance Group was asked to auditions.





I felt sick with nerves, but also very excited.



February or March of ´96. I got a call about a week later.




I was 16 when I joined the Show.




Quite nervous, because I knew no one.








Having to cry real tears every night.





Getting the Leading Part…



I auditioned for the roll of the Little Spirit.




Michael, Marie Duffy came up with the idea.




Marie Duffy and Michael taught me.




Being confident on stage in front of an audience.




I was very nervous. Everyone was but it was fantastic.





It was the Point Depot June of 1996. My family where there. It was so exciting, because it was the first ever Lord Show.





I did Bad Girl in rehearsals for Feet of Flames, just for the laugh with the other girls.




Through the years with LotD / FoF…


I get up, grab quick breakfast, get on bus and travel to next city. Get to hotel, have a shower. Get out for a walk and some fresh air and a coffee. Go to venue, go on stage for rehearse, have dinner get ready for show.




I love travelling to different places.




We practise every day.




Lord of the Dance - Opening Night, Point Depot Dublin 1996.

Feet of Flames - Madison Square Garden




I love both Shows.




I love my chair in Feet of Flames coming out on it at the start of the Show. Been so high up, able to see the whole arena. And it was made especially for me which was cool.




I have a routine I do every day before Show.




Always nervous… yes.









Only Feet of Flames. And Troupe 4 for a month when they went to Taiwan.



I love vegetables and potatoes. I don´t really have sweet tooth.





From vegetables and one or two cups of coffee before the show.




Costumes & other equipment…







About ½ hour for make-up and ½ hour warm up before Show.




My costume at the moment that Vicky, our “Wardrobe Lady”, made. Its fabulous and fits perfect.


nowadays & in the future…



Michael Flatley because of everything be has done for Irish Dancing. And he’s a fantastic dancer and Showman.




No one knows what the future holds. As long as I love what I am doing I will stay with the Show.





I would like to work in Production.

I will definitely go back to Modern Dancing.





I would like to thank everyone who has come to the Show, who has travelled to so far to see it.

We have had so many fabulous memories in Germany.