James Keegan



Some fact´s at first…




14. September 1986, Manchester, England.




5 ft 7




I like Chinese food and Italian food.




I like all kinds of music: R´n´B and dance mainly. Oasis is my favourite band.




Gangster films… goodfellas, casino and the godfather




I loved Singapore but my favourite was Dubai. I love the weather and architecture.





I used to play a lot of football but that’s about it!




Winning the World Championships in 1999 for the first time.




About your family…




I have 4 older sisters. The youngest is 26, who now has a dance school. My other sisters did not dance. My dad has a construction company




I get home every few months, but I have 3 nieces and a nephew. I miss not seeing them growing up. I also miss my parents a lot.





I am about to do my third english tour and so my family visit quite often. All my family are very proud of me and they love to come and watch.



About your beginnings…




My dancing teacher Eileen “Lally” in Manchester. I started when I was four because my sister danced and my mother made me go!




5 years old. My first major when I was 7.




I attended many and yes, I had good fortune. I won every title there is, so as a dancer I am very proud of that.




It was very competitive and nerve-wracking, but I loved it. I made many friends at competitions, some are in the show now.




Show Dancing. The crowds are amazing and I love travelling. I still enjoyed show dancing though.




No, I have been very lucky.




No, I was too busy with irish dancing and football.




Becoming a Show Dancer…







I’ve seen most shows and think this is the best!




Yes, twice.




16 years old, I was very young and scared.








I knew some from competitions.




I didn’t know what the lifestyle was like, so I was a little scared, especially because I was so young. I was nervous for the first month or so, then I got settled.





I just tried to fit in and remember everyone’s name. I concentrated on learning the show!




The encore is quite tough!




Two days after I joined I danced Warlords, it was a great buzz! It was in Nantes, France in 2003.




Getting the Leading Part…



I got asked to learn it and then it just happened.




Marie Duffy suggested it.




About two months. Des Bailey taught me the part in South Africa, 2004.








Port Elizabeth, South Africa.




The most nervous I have ever been in my life! I was terrified.




Katrina Heskett and Kelly Hendry. Christopher Hannon was bad guy.





I don’t think I look mean enough!




My roomy Ciaran Devlin.. he’s crazy




Through the years with LotD / FoF…


Breakfast, see the town, rehearse, do the show and then maybe go out to a bar or else, watch a film and have a bath for aching legs!!




It is hard work but amazing fun and a great experience.




Two hours a day on average.




Doing lead for my family in 2004.




They are both great shows. I wasn’t in Feet of Flames, but loved it.




As a lead dancer I love the opening solo, but Warlords has to be my favourite.




Perhaps get a massage and stretch for 30 minutes.




If the crowd is very big yes, but I think I always have nerves – they keep you on your toes!




Troupe 4, 2004 - 2005



Not really – just not too much fatty food.




Costumes & other equipment…



Sometimes it is difficult, but we have to be professional.




About 1 hour.




I always liked the Lord of the Dance costumes.






Every tour I get new shoes.




nowadays & in the future…



Nick Fallon and Des Bailey… awsome.



I teach a lot or perhaps join another troupe. I´m always busy!




I love the show and will stay for as long as I enjoy it.





To teach Irish Dancing and who knows what else the future holds!





Nothing is impossible – If you have a dream go for it.

You have to make pain your friend! Irish Dancing should always be fun though.