Sarah Frances Smith



Some fact´s at first…




20/01/80 Irvine, Ayrshire, Scotland.











I loved Australia and also Cape Town in South Africa.




About your family…




My mother is a principle teacher in a primary school.

My father is an accountant and a managing director of a large food chain.





I have one brother who is 23 years old. He does not dance but is an actor. He manages a very busy bar, when between acting jobs.




It is hard and I can get homesick, however, my family often come out to visit.





They are very proud and come to watch the show wherever work allows.





My fiancé used to dance with Troupe 1 and Feet of Flames, he is currently studying at university.



About your beginnings…





I began at age 3 as my grandmother loves Irish dancing. I was taught by James and Noreen McCutcheon and Owen McAuley who together ran the Setanta School of Dance.




3 years old.




My parents and teachers took me to competitions almost every weekend, even some as far away as Australia and America. Thanks to then I won quite a few championships.




I enjoyed competition, there is a great atmosphere and you get to meet lots of people.








I was also a ballerina and can do some basic traditional Scottish Dancing.




Becoming a Show Dancer…












It was very nervous as it was a bit different to competition and there were hundreds of people trying out.



No. I just had to complete school and then I went into rehearshals.




I joined in 1997 when I was 17.




I trained in London at the rehearsals when Troupe 2 were occurring however I then went to Troupe 1.




I knew most people from competition.




We rehearsed for 6 weeks.




Through the years with LotD / FoF…




I love travelling.




I was sent to Orlando in 1999, when a new troupe was started for Disney, as I did lead there.




I preformed all 3 female lead roles while in Orlando.




Costumes & other equipment…








Antonio Pacelli pomps.




1 ½



I get new light shoes about every month. Heavies last longer.

I put my shoes on and put them in warm water, and then when they’re dry put vaseline on them.




Lauren Stapelton - Catriona Hale.